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Instructions for How to Assemble the Spin Bin Composter

Quick 2 minute video instructions, below.

Medium detail 5 minute video instructions, below.

Detailed 9 minute instructions, below.

Text Instructions:

Step 1. Remove all items from the box and compare to the parts list above. Begin by joining 2 quarter panels (G) together (fig.1 ) using 14 black bolts and nuts (B) to form a half drum. Repeat this action for the remaining two quarter panels. When complete you will have two halves.

Step 2. Using part A, join them together to form your center axle by inserting them into each other and pushing down on the retractable buttons and sliding them into one another until they lock in place. Using the two elbows with holes (parts C) place them on the axle and secure them with the provided nuts (see fig 2). Be sure to tighten the nuts using a wrench.

Step 3. Set the assembled center axle (part A) in the groves of one of the half drums (fig. 2) and place the other half drum on top. Using 2 of the Silver longer screws insert them through the holes of the two halves and the flat metal piece of the center axle (see figure 3). Using the smaller black nuts and bolts work around the perimeter equally on both sides to meet at the other axle side. This will allow the holes to line up easier as you assemble the bin. Be sure to use the LONGER Silver colored bolts and nuts to secure where the center shaft goes through the barrel.

Step 4. Assemble the stand by inserting an Elbow (part D) on each end of both short dowels (part E). Then insert a long dowel (part F) into the opposite ends of teach elbow(part D) (see fig 4). Finish by inserting the ends of the legs into the elbows attached to the Center axle (fig 5). IMPORTANT: Using your hand, or a rubber mallet force the legs into each of the elbows. The more force used the less likely the legs will come out. Note, if you want to be able to disable your stand do not do this step. Now Stand your New Spin Bin composter upright secure the lids by twisting them in place clockwise.

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