Compost Thermometer


Monitoring your compost bin temperature with a compost thermometer is a great way to know how fast your compost materials are breaking down. Compost microbes work best at temperatures between 120 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Know exactly when to tumble your bin and add more oxygen.


Temperature can tell you a lot about how your compost bin is doing. A high temperature is critical for rapid composting. It is also important for keeping your bin from getting slimy or smelly. A compost thermometer is the ideal way to monitor your bin’s temperature. It’s a mess-free way to ensure your compost is “cooking.”

Composting is all about bacteria. These tiny microbes are responsible for breaking down the food scraps and yard waste. The optimal temperature for these bacteria is 120 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. They also require oxygen (which you can introduce by turning your pile or tumbling your Spin Bin). By monitoring your bin with a compost thermometer, you’ll know when the bin starts to cool and needs to be mixed up to inject more oxygen.

This stainless steel compost thermometer can also help you to know when your compost is “finished” (ready to be used as fertilizer). It can also help you avoid spontaneous combustion, which is a risk with very large open compost piles (but not bins). Even small bins can get up to 180 degrees – which is not something you want to stick your hand in without warning. This thermometer is 20″ long and reaches deep into the pile.

If you’re new to composting, or new to using a tumbling composter, it can be hard to tell if your compost is doing well. This simple compost thermometer takes out all the guess work.

Another great feature is that this compost thermometer is hermetically sealed. This means you can leave your thermometer in your compost bin overnight and it won’t fog up.

Thermometer Features Include: 

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1-3/4″ easy-to-read dial
  • 20″ stem
  • Plastic “no fog” lens
  • Extremely accurate (+/-  1% full scale)


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