Spin Bin Compost Tumbler

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You simply won’t find a better tumbling composter for the money. With a 60-gallon capacity and a lid on both ends, it’s always easy to add materials.

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The Spin Bin composter is the perfect combination of quality and value for your money. Did you know that other tumbling compost bins can cost hundreds of dollars? Spin Bin is built to last but won’t break the bank.

The Spin Bin is made of 100 percent recycled plastic and is molded in the USA. Its 60-gallon capacity is a perfect size for most families. The bin’s black color is ideal for absorbing the sun and speeding up the compost process. 

No matter which end of the composter is facing up, it is easy to add material because both ends have locking lids. And since it sits up off the ground, no animals can get into the bin.

Ventilation slots are especially important for composters, providing both air circulation and water drainage. The Spin Bin has 20 ventilation slots, which provides superior aeration compared to other compost tumbler models.

Another important feature is the ability to monitor temperature inside the bin. The Spin Bin provides four compost thermometer ports, allowing you to easily track the temperature to ensure your bin’s conditions are optimal.

Technical Specifications for the Spin Bin Compost Tumbler:

  • Holds up to 60 gallons (9.3 cubic feet) of compost material
  • Long-lasting and sturdy, powder-coated steel legs (1-inch thick)
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic.
  • Dimensions (after assembly): 26″ W x 32.5″ D x 45″ H

Spin Bin Composter Features:

  • Tumbles in place — means that your materials break down faster because they get better mixing and aeration
  • Easy assembly design — means that the only tool you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver to put the bin together
  • 20 ventilation / drainage slots — gives your tumbler superior aeration
  • Strong powder-coated steel legs — made to spend years outside in all weather 
  • Four thermometer ports — make it simple to track temperature with no mess
  • Two locking lids — no matter which end is facing up, it is a breeze to add materials to the compost tumbler
  • Wide mouth — so it’s easy to load it with leaves, grass clippings, etc.
  • Instructions embossed on each lid — so you’ll aways have composting instructions handy
  • Ribbed interior design — provides added strength and increased mixing action
  • Off the ground design — so no animal pests will bother your bin
  • Generous 60-gallon capacity — an ideal size for most homes
  • 100 percent recycled plastic — an environmentally friendly choice
  • Dark color — promotes quicker composting by absorbing light and heating up the materials
  • 90 Day No Risk Free Trial — we want you to buy with confidence
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty — so you can rest assured that it will last for years to come

Other Products You Should Buy With the Spin Bin: 

A  Compost Thermometer, to track your temperature while composting.

Stainless Steel compost pail, so it’s simple to collect scraps from you kitchen and transport them to the bin.

Composting Booklet, provides everything you need to know to start composting in just 32 easy-to-read pages.

Compost Activator, helps to speed up your composting process.

 The Spin Bin was Member Tested and Recommended by the National Home Gardening Club. It received a member rating of 8.9.